1556 Laong Laan corner Gov. Forbes, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Tel: (+632) 87312771-76; HMO Direct Line: (+632) 87312832
Email: info@hijmc.com
1556 Laong Laan corner Gov. Forbes, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Tel: (+632) 87312771-76; HMO Direct Line: (+632) 87312832
Email: info@hijmc.com


Dear Patient:

We, the staff of the Hospital of the Infant Jesus, are committed to provide you, our patients, competent and compassionate care. We are also dedicated to provide and create for you an environment that is pleasant, clean, safe and comfortable.


  • You may be admitted only upon the advice of your physician or in emergencies, the emergency room physician.
  • Please present the Admitting Orders (from your Doctor, ER or DR) to the admitting nurse at the admitting section.
  • Give your room of choice, either a superior, a premium, a private room or a ward (3 to 4 patients per room).
  • You will be asked to fill in our admission form. The Admitting Nurse or clerk will assist you if you encounter any problems filling in the form.
  • Sign forms acknowledging your consent for hospital care and acceptance of financial responsibility and your waiver regarding loss of valuables.
  • If, during the confinement, you wish to transfer to another room, please notify the Admitting section.
  • Wear your ID band around the wrist for personal identification within the hospital premises.
  • You will receive an admission kit.

Room Choices

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Financial Arrangements

An initial payment will be required upon admission. The amount will depend on the accommodation that you chose and the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that you will receive upon admission. You will be asked to update your account once your initial payment has been used up to cover the services already rendered to you.

If you are covered by Philhealth or have a HMO, please submit the necessary forms to Philhealth Section at the ground floor. Office hours are as follows: Monday to Saturday (except holidays) 8:00 am – 12:00 nn and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Patients covered by third party payors/HMOs or company coverage are requested to present their Identification Cards and/or Letter of Authorization (LOA) to the admitting clerk upon admission or within 24 hours from time of admissioin. After the prescribed 24 hours, LOA may be submitted to the billing section found at the ground floor of the business office. Charges in excess of the coverage should be settled upon discharge. Filling of Philhealth form is required for Philhealth members/dependents by most HMOs. If unfiled, Philhealth benefits will be charged to patients.

For patients with Philhealth coverage, either as member or dependents, Philhealth deductions can only be processed upon submission of required forms to the billing section. Our Philhealth section staff will be glad to assist you.

To avail of the senior citizen discount, Senior citizen ID card should be submitted/presented upon admission.

Should the patient, his/her relatives or guardians be unable to settle financial obligations after Hospital Advice to Settle (HAS), the Hospital reserves the right to downgrade the room services to lessen financial obligation of the patient.

Patients need time to recuperate. To help promote an environment that is conducive to their well-being, as well as maintain our mutual safety and protection, we ask for your cooperation by observing the following:


Only one (1) watcher or companion is allowed for each patient especially at the Ward section. However, some in-

patient care areas may not be allowed for watchers. Only female watchers are allowed in adult female wards.

VISITING HOURS Children less than twelve (12) years old are not allowed to visit in-patient care areas. Some patients may be restricted from receiving visitors. For ICU and MCCU patients, only one (1) visitor is allowed at any given time. Only two (2) visitors are permitted one at a time and are requested to keep their visit short.


Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed and avail of our rooming in facilities.

Religious Service

The chapel is located on the 6th floor of the Laon Laan Building (Bldg. A). Patients whose condition permits may go to the chapel. Holy Mass is celebrated every 1st Sunday of each month at around 7:30 am. We have a 24 hour prayer room at the ground floor at your convenience.

Medical Records and Other Certificates

Please proceed to room 652 at the 6th floor for medical records, certificates and request for certified true copies of diagnostic procedures.

Fill in the Request for Medical Record form. Our staff will inform when you can pick up your requested records.

Appropriate fees for certificates and reports will be charged to the requesting parties.


When your physician gives the order for your discharge, the nurse on duty will forward all other billing to the business office and will give you an appointment slip to proceed to the business office to settle your bills.

Hospital bills do not include professional/doctor’s fee of your attending doctors like surgeons, anesthesiologist and other physician who were called in consultation. BIR ruling, requires that hospital collects the doctors’ fees therefore professional fees of doctors are strictly on cash basis only. Cashier will give you an official receipt of the hospital together with two (2) copies of patient discharge slip (green copy). A copy will be presented to the nurse on duty and another copy to exit guards to serve as pass for check out.

The nursing staff will escort you as you leave the hospital.

Thank you very much!

Hospital of the Infant Jesus Medical Center

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Hospital of the Infant Jesus Medical Center
1556 Laong Laan corner Gov.
Forbes, Sampaloc, Manila
Tel: (+632) 87312771-76
HMO Direct Line: (+632) 87312832
Email: info@hijmc.com

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